Tuesday, February 24, 2015

For D.F. Jules

YES!! I said from the beginning that if these books are made into a movie, I'd like Jason Momoa to play Batumar. When he was cast for Game of Thrones, I kept saying, "NO, NO, NO! He is MY Batumar!" LOL


DawnK said...

When they put 'em on a horse its better than chocolate dipped strawberries on a sunny 70 degree day in February in Buffalo. Oh My!

D.F. Jules said...

IKR? He has that weight and harsh integrity and barbarian-like honor to him that I keep imagining him as Batumar. It's uncanny!!!

Susan said...

Wow. Truly the perfect Batumar. That Aquaman getup is incredible. I imagine Batumar had a similar expression when he woke from the incense!

Dana Marton said...

DawnK--You put that so well :-)

D.F. Jules--In my heart, Jason Momoa is Batumar. No doubt about it.

Susan--Exactly! Oh, how I would like to see that scene (and the whole book) in a movie.

If anyone has Hollywood connections, feel free to pass on the book :-)