Thursday, December 9, 2010


Wo hooo, I did it!!! THE SPY WHO SAVED CHRISTMAS is the #1 bestselling Intrigue on Amazon right now. :-)

Okay, so this may only last for 10 minutes but, hey, we all need to grab on to and appreciate life's small pleasures where we find them, right?

On another note, I'm reading IT WAS BE BEST OF SENTENCES, IT WAS THE WORST OF SENTENCES. It's a great little book on writing. Making me wish I could bid on a few hundred more brain cells on eBay. Lots of relative clauses and conjoining conjunctions and whatnot. I usually read it until my eyes are crossed, usally five minutes, then give the rules a day to sink in. Sure makes me wish that I got an English degree back in my college days. But it's never too late to learn. I hope. Still, at the rate I'm going, they're going to have to bury this book with me when I die! :-(

So here is the most important thing I learned from this book so far: Write for the reader, not for yourself. As writers, we tend to fall in love with some of our metaphors and flowery descriptions. Kind of like, "Aren't I clever for having written this?" Readers like simple. They just want to be able to follow the story and know where the heck it's going :-)