Thursday, January 10, 2019

Any Questions about Guardian Queen?


by Rachel Schneider

--posted with permission--

Tera's journey from a simple island healer, to world crossing non-sorceress extraordinaire is coming to and end, and her loyal fans have questions!

Was it emotional writing Guardian Queen?

In so many ways! First of all: fear. I was just plain scared that I wouldn't be able to do this story justice. Of all my books, this series is my favorite. In my head, this is such a great story. So, I desperately want to be a good enough writer to put that on paper and give the same experience to readers. And then, of course, I'm sad because the story is finished. I loved spending time with Tera and Batumar. I love who they are as people. Following Tera through this journey has been a privilege. She taught me a lot. Never once has she flinched away from a hard question, or backed away from a sacrifice she had to make. I always struggle to describe this story in blurbs (for Amazon etc.) On the surface it's about a healer and a warlord, trying to save their people. But there are so many other layers. It's definitely a full adventure!

2. Several peripheral characters have stories that continue after the end of the book, will we get to see those stories?

Maybe? I have stories in mind for Lord Karnagh, Prince Graho, and even maybe Drav the sorcerer. Should I be a tease? All right. You've already met the woman Prince Graho is going to make his princess. And if I gave you 1,000 guesses, you would not guess who it is!

3. If so, who and when?

I honestly don't know. My publishing schedule depends on a lot of things including contracts from publishers.

4. Who was your favorite character, besides Tera, throughout the Hardstorm Saga series? Why?

Batumar! I couldn't wait to get to the scenes that are told from his point of view. He's a pretty rough and tough warlord, not someone you'd want to meet in battle. But on the other hand, the heart of that man! Swoon. (I'd like Jason Momoa for the motion picture version, please!)

5. What were the hardest scenes for you to write?

Well, the first two chapters were no picnic. Any man who can read those chapters without wincing deserves a prize! I can't wait to hear what readers think about that opening.

6. Do you plan to write more historical and/or paranormal romances in the future?

Yes! I have an Urban Fantasy/PNR series outlined that I'm super excited about, and also another epic fantasy series that even has the first few chapters written.